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Here at Derbyshire Wedding Events, I have a proven track record in bringing my clients the best in event services. This unrivalled reputation means you can depend on me to bring a level of style and fun to your wedding reception, corporate event or party that really makes it a success. I don’t use sub-contractors so you know exactly who you’re working with every step of the way.

I am passionate and dedicated to exceeding your expectations. In fact, going above and beyond is my standard practice. Client satisfaction is incredibly important to me and I count it as our most important marker of success. This is why I’m so committed to working with you from day one to understand exactly what you’re looking for and how my services can take your event to the next level.

At Derbyshire Wedding Events, I don’t believe in bringing you the average. I am completely dedicated and focused on helping you achieve just what you’re looking for in your event. I have the experience to be able to bring the right energy and feel to your party whether you’re looking for a premium corporate experience or a wedding party that is completely tailored to your needs or anything in between. My clients have full choice of set up from an eight-meter rig to a more subtle professional DJ booth to suit any venue. I believe in giving you as much choice and control as possible so the music choices reflect you and your event perfectly.

If you’re looking for talented DJs with the ability to beat match and read the room as well as an event company with the equipment and focus to take your event to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me help you put together the perfect party package. Whether you’re looking for corporate events, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs or anything in between, Derbyshire Wedding Events is passionate about bringing you the tools and expertise to throw a party that’s just as fun and exciting as you are.

Whether you’re having a big expensive or a small, intimate budget wedding, Derbyshire Wedding Events will make it personal and special for you. From Castles, to hotels, from expensive venues to more budget community halls, there is absolutely no difference, it’s about YOU, the couple!

My very versatile set up can made to fit anywhere, as subtle or as bright as you wish. Here is merely a very small sample of a number of venues I have worked in for numerous couples over the past few months.

In no particular order and the list is not complete either but just randomly picked up a few.

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Derbyshire Wedding Events

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Jennifer & Andy

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Graduation Ball

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Georgie & Jamie

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Frances & Poitr

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Sammyeigh & Sam Wed

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John & Leila

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Jeo & Amber

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