Weddings – From the proposal to the ‘Lights Out’ time on the big day!

November 11, 2021 by Derbyshireweddingevents_admin

Like many of you I am very active on social media of all forms.

I always wonder when I read posts that various people post relating to the “stress levels” when it comes to wedding planning. I am sure many of you have read about numerous horror stories where couples have been scammed, let down, over promised levels of service etc.

To anyone in the planning stages I’d say, stop for a moment. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy this very exciting time. Don’t over panic, don’t over think it. We are for many years now, living in an era where the ‘world’ is a very small place and ‘everyone knows each other’.

First of all do not let your emotions take over when it comes to wedding shopping or planning. Set yourself a budget, a realistic budget once you’ve done a bit of research and have an understanding of the market place.

Second very important thing to do is once you have created your priority list of things, services, suppliers, you need then start shopping around. Remember though more often than not you will always find someone who can do it cheaper, a far cry from someone who can do it better!
Your best friend will always be Google. Always do your research intensively and properly. Check out Google reviews, ask for evidence of previous work. Speak to venues, get their take as to whether they ever worked or heard of the supplier you are considering to hire.
Contact the relevant supplier or suppliers and request a chat, possibly a meeting at their studio, work place, house, wherever it is they operate from. Make sure you feel comfortable with this company, person, remember he will be playing an important in the most important day of your life! If at anytime you feel that such supplier is pushing you or not offering you the full freedom to take the necessary decisions or limiting you in any way do not feel embarrassed to walk away and most importantly do not part with any deposits of your very well and hard earned cash.

If you choose wisely and do your research correctly the planning stage should be a very enjoyable and exciting time for both of you and offer you the confidence that you are well taken care of and in good hands.

Remember this is YOUR day and it’s all about YOU, the couple, nothing else matters on that day and if your chosen supplier does not appreciate that and is not prepared to go that extra mile for you then he or she is simply not worth the privilege of being invited to share it with you!

Every couple should enjoy their very special and big day. They, rightly so should just relax and enjoy every minute of the day in the knowing and assurance that their chosen suppliers whatever their role on the day is, is in control and have the assurance that they are true professionals and hence their wedding is in the best hands and it will all go perfectly well and according to plan!